Epicea Pochette with goodies from the lovely Karen <3

  1. So I got my gorgeous Epicea pochette yesterday from the fantastic Karen Kooper. I will use it as a make-up pouch and it´s the perfect size. She also sent me a lovely Marc Jacobs pouch for free with lovely LV papergoodies:nuts: This will be my last purchase before the 15th of February. I know I can do it :yes: Here are some pictures.

  2. congrats love the discontinued taiga color:nuts:<insomniatic smile...
  3. congratzzz Nola:yahoo: the pochette is gorgeous
  4. Congrats, Nola!
  5. nice, congrats!
  6. very nice, congrats
  7. Took a pic of what fits inside, the size is just perfect for me! For comparison my old Longchamp make-up pouch, it looks bigger, but actually the stuff fits much better in the LV:yes:
    Kuva 1095.jpg Kuva 1096.jpg
  8. Gorgeous! Congrats Nola!
  9. congrats nola! that is a great size!
  10. Congrats!!
  11. Congrats! Love it!
  12. Holds tons and LOVE the color! Congrats!
  13. Congrats!! karen is best!!!
  14. congrats
  15. congrats!!! very nice :yes: