Epice Bay is tired but now she is finally home!

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  1. She came via USPS and although her journey was rough (the box was pretty bruised) her soul is untouched! I'm just thankful to have her in my arms, errr on my arms...LOL.

    Pictures posted soon!!

    Thanks Princess for your update. It's funny I read your email and the postal guy came like an hour later. Weird huh?:graucho:
  2. Excellent, looking forward to the pics :smile: do so love seeing other peoples bags.
  3. Congrats, and yes, we're waiting for your pics, can't wait to see that bag in that color!!:smile:
  4. Woo hoo! PICS! :dothewave:
  5. Congratulations, Susie:tup:... I bet you've already tried dozens of outfits and have badly neglected your poor DH and DS....:roflmfao:
  6. Okay just one pic and DH took it? I asked him if he would and he gives me this totally perplexed look like, "I don't get this?" I then explained the purse forum and how we like looking at this kind of stuff.

    He's so sweet, he took three of them but gals, they're aweful? Really blurry? I think I boobed up the camera when I was trying to take pics of the boots. Anyway this is the most decent photog...sorry???

    Anyway a quick note. Sacoche's color way was very accurate this Epice is RED/ Orange, not Orange/Red (like the Diabro's pictures represent it??)..


  7. Boy I was tempted to do all that but fought the desire. I'm so tired today!!
  8. Lovely bag... you are really into brighter colors now...
    i wish i was as brave as you, but i seem to like brown shades best... maybe one day, when I am rich and bored and dont have anything brown on my wish-list...
  9. I love the bag. Bay is always gorgeus. The colour is great as well. It really looks good on you. I get the "I need one more Bay" thoughts in my head when looking at it.

  10. You are so funny!! Come on Maria bite!! Get a colored bag!!
  11. The only way of getting a colored bag after my recent purchases and the need to save for the right black betty would be to dye one of the existing purses in my closet with my 4-year old's finger paint...
    Another possibility would be meeting (and securing) a millionaire in my Pilates class... :nuts:
    Let's see, shant we?:graucho:

  12. Right now I'm watching the Millionaire Matchmaker's club. My god the matchmaker is an absolutely fascinating woman!! I really, really like her!:tender:

    No don't finger paint your brown bag:p!! In due time my dear you will get a bright bag! With or without a man!!
  13. Okay I think I fixed the camera, here's a closeup pic!

  14. Thanks for sharing the pictures, susie.. the epice bay is such a beauty.
    You wear her very well, congrats and enjoy! :biggrin:
  15. Gorgeous colour!

    Your home is lovely too :smile: