EPIc Brea sadness

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  1. #16 Mar 8, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2016
    Glad to know that online snafus have happened before. Sorry to hear that you experienced it too. I'm not close to a store so can't take it there; though I do like the suggestion that the SA offered. :smile:
  2. I got a mono cles recently from the website that had a kind of wrinkle in it. It was faint but my OCD wouldn't let me forget it. I wondered how that too passed QC. I exchanged it for a mono 6-key holder at a LV salon in Neiman Marcus.
  3. Glad it worked out for you!

  4. Oh wow. I got a mono cles from website and mine had what i described as a dent. My OCD also couldn't let me un-see it. I sent back ended up getting a multi-cartes for my needs.

  5. How did it work out?
  6. I sent it back via UPS yesterday. It's due back to NJ on Friday.

    They said to give them ~5-7 business days to assess it and then they'll send out a replacement. Seems strange that they need to assess a bag that I received in defective condition, but that's just me.

  7. Assess? Yeah that does not sound right at all! Why didn't you just go to the boutique? Well I guess to late for that but assess my behind!
  8. I'm not close to a boutique :sad:
  9. Update: spoke with a lady by the name of Charlie just now. I inquired how the progress was going with regard to the team that my photo was sent to.

    She told me that the distribution center takes photos of each bag before it ships out so they'll need time to compare my photo with theirs. (Is this sounding odd to anyone else?)

    I didn't do anything wrong here and am wondering what in the world is going on.


  10. Okay that's crazy! I have a hard time believing they take pictures of all the bags they ship out! Wow no good here at all. I so apologize. At this point I would ask for a refund!
  11. Glad I'm not the only one that thinks this is strange. I have a hard time believing they 'take a pic of each and every bag they send out.'

    I'm supposed to give them until next week Friday to determine their conclusion...meanwhile, I've paid for something I've never even used and don't even have in my possession.

  12. Update: today spoke with a lady named Tyffani ~11:30AM, inquiring about how the Order Review Department's assessment of the photo I sent them was progressing.

    Tyffani confirmed that a manual exchange had been initiated and they allow for three business days from the date of receipt back in the distribution center to have the exchange fully processed.

    She said that an email is expected to generate when the exchange is processed and another generates when the exchanged item ships out.

    There was mention made from her end that epi leather, while durable in nature, is 'sometimes susceptible to imperfections.'

    Tyffani said that no additional follow-up is needed from my end as they "act on my behalf."

    I will be calling them next Thursday morning if things don't pan out as explained to me today.
  13. Update: Spoke with Kenneesha at 1:52PM CST. She confirmed that they did receive the item back today and said that I can expect to receive the exchanged item within 10-14 business days.

    I asked her about the timeframe that Tyffani quoted me (the 3 business days) and she wasn't sure. She said that it could be because of the type ("manual exchange") of case this was.

    Again, I mentioned that this should be an exchange as I wanted the same bag, just one without a scuff.

    Kenneesha then stated that the exchange process begins once they receive the item at their distribution center.
  14. I can totally understand your frustration, it's also difficult when they provide you with conflicting timeframes. I guess they have to go through their exchange process which takes some time. I hope it's sorted out quickly for you and you can finally enjoy your new bag!
  15. Agreed. My biggest fear is related to all of the stories I've read or heard about where they make the consumer feel like they did wrong doing. We'll see how it sorts out.