EPIc Brea sadness

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  1. I received my package not quite one hour ago. The excitement was intense...until I found this under Brea's soft dustbag...a scuff is there and the excitement instantly turned to sadness...called 866 immediately to get the return process started...do you think LV will make this right?

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  2. So sorry this happened and ruined ur excitement. I think LV will make this right since you just received it. I'm glad u found this now rather than after the return period.
  3. I'm sorry, I'm sure that was terribly disappointing. I hope you can get a perfect replacement!
  4. They will. I've never had a problem returning a purchase I wasn't happy with.
  5. You can exchange of course.
  6. Client Services did offer the return option too. I'm putting my faith in them that the replacement Brea won't have the scuff like this one.
  7. Thanks all. I hope that the replacement is scuff-free.
  8. I hope your new bag is perfect.
  9. Of course they will.
  10. Thanks. I sure hope so.

    How does something like this miss quality control?

  11. They will. Don't let this steal your joy. It happens.
  12. Thanks hun! Guess I've read too many stories where they haven't made it right. (She must've been sitting in the warehouse for quite some time as the date code was AA0185.)

  13. Probably has sat for a bit. I have had mishaps before I just prefer not to post here because I know they will fix it. And not to mention it starts a quality frenzy. Don't believe everything you read here. Yes some are legitimate but others just something to complain about.

    It will work out especially because you noticed right away. Don't worry.
  14. Thanks dear :hugs:

    You helped to put my mind at ease.
  15. Absolutely. My first online order had two spots on it. I was really upset and dreading the exchange process. I took it to the store and the SA took one look at it and exchanged it right away. She did suggest that I should try to ship to the store next time I buy online so they can inspect the item first.