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  1. does the epi leather wear well? It looks like it might tear or have color loss easy, hopefully, I am wrong, any comments? thanks
  2. It doesn't tear. It doesn't have color loss. The color goes through the leather, It's not a coating.
    I have heard of epi getting creases or scuffs, but I have not experienced that and my oldest epi bag is from 2004. It looks exactly the same as when I bought it.

    I think a good way to see examples of how the epi bags age is to view a few auction items on ebay. Also there is a Clubhouse on tpf for Epi owners. You might want to check that out. I could post a picture of my 7 year old bag if I get to my pc later.
  3. My red epi St. Jacques has looked brand new for years. I think it wears very well.
  4. I think Epi wears incredibly-it just stays perfect! It's honestly the most durable leather I've ever carried...no problems with transfers (like BagLady said, it's not a coating) and no problems with tearing. I don't even know what I would have to rub Epi against in order to have it tear-honestly so great! You will love love love epi and it will definitely last forever!
  5. totally one of the most durable leathers

    OP are you sure you are asking about Epi?
  6. Epi is very durable!
  7. I agree with 19flowers............the epi is the more durable of the LV line. I have had a white (ivory) epi and that thing is industructable!:P
  8. Epi is great leather!
  9. Epi is very durable and holds up very well!!
  10. Epi leather wears really well.
    <<<< My Epi speedy is preowned and kinda old.
    Date code AR 0935...I think that's 2005. ??
    Color has been discontinued for a while. No scratches.
    There is one small wrinkle on the bottom but it's only noticeable when you really look for it.
  11. Extremely durable like the other girls have said. My oldest is my pochette from 2004 and it still looks brand new.. i've even worn it in the rain (not that I recommend that)
  12. [​IMG]
  13. This is a very informative thread. I've always wondered about epi too because most of the bags in the auctions on ebay look like they have severe creases or dents in them. I always wondered if they bags just didn't age well or if the owner just didn't take care of them.
  14. March of 95
  15. This was one of my concerns too, but I know some people take better care of their bags than others. Thanks for all the info and pix, it was helpful and I feel like I am good to go, :biggrin: