epi zippy wallet owners - how many yrs have you used yours? r/o

  1. are they pretty durable? i'm hoping this wallet last me a long time! :smile:

    has anyone had any problems with the zipper? that's my main concern -- the zipper breaking after awhile. :sad:

    those of you who have had your epi zippy for awhile, how's the "wear" on it?

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    ps. i got it in the cassis color! it is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE the grenade lining inside! :yahoo:
  2. I've only had mine for a year... it still looks brand new! and no problems!
  3. I'm also curious how long mono zippy wallet owners have used their product?

    Mine is less than 1 month old but I'm hoping for many useful years to come...
  4. how many years has this even been out? i thought it was maximum of 2.
  5. i've had mine for 1 year..its a white epi zippy wallet and it looks brand new. btw i dont baby this wallet...
  6. I have mine red epi zippy for two years now. Using it everyday with no problems. It still looks/smells brand new. Excellent choice!:tup:
  7. YAAY!! so good to hear all the positive feedback.

    i'm glad that the quality is good... considering how expensive LV products are!

    PS > if anyone is considering it in the cassis color -- GET IT!!!! i absolutely love the grenade lining. it makes me happy to open up my wallet and see the beautiful pop of color! sillly -- i know. :smile: :love: