Epi zippy coin purse- too small???

  1. Hi, I got the epi zippy coin purse yesterday in cassis:heart: to go with my grenade clutch..and everything else!:p but when I got it home and put my stuff in it I thought it seemed too small and - difficult to get into- so should I go and exchange it for the larger zippy wallet??? Anyone have both? Opinions???? And what about the zippy organizer?????
  2. I have the zippy wallet in mono and I love it!!!! You can't go wrong with the zippy wallet.
  3. I also have the zippy wallet in mono and it is pretty roomy for a small wallet! Would the large be too big for clutch?
  4. I like the zippy coin purse. I don't think it's too small. I want the mono one. But if you don't think it's big enough for you, I would get the bigger zippy.
  5. I think it's a perfect size for the Pochette and the Montaigne Clutch ... kinda cute too!
  6. I think the larger one will fit in the clutch, not too much room for anything else but I would probably only put a phone and some lipstick in there....
  7. I would exchange it...I carry a small wallet and the zippy was too small for me!
  8. The Eugenie is also gorgeous, anyone have opinions on that vs the zippy wallet? And does anyone know if they will make the zippy organizer in epi cassis????? TIA!
  9. i just got the zippy in cassis... i LOVE it!! perfectly fits all my stuff... w/o looking bulky.
  10. the zippy wallet (not organizer or coin) to clarify :smile:
  11. I have both the zippy coin purse and the zippy wallet. Personally for my use, the zippy coin purse is fine! I love that it's so small so I can change bags very easily :smile: The zippy wallet I treat more like a clutch when I go out for evenings since it's a little too big for me to use on a daily bases.
  12. I think the Zippy organizer is too big, so the Zippy wallet would be a better fit if you carry a lot of stuf. I bought the Zippy wallet in Damier print but returned it a few days later - even though it was very nice, I decided I didn't need a large size wallet. I already owned the Mono Zippy coin purse and even though it's tiny, I do like it!! Just be careful not to overstuff it!! I use my mini T&B pochette for the overflow cards, coins, credit cards when using the Zippy coin purse.

    I have to say that it would have been nice if LV could have made the Zippy coin purse just a bit larger because it is difficults sometimes to pull out the credit cards or other items from the inside pockets. But, overall, it's a very cute little wallet!!!
  13. Exchange for the zippy wallet.
  14. On the cute little zippy...
    Do you guys think the mono canvas had a little more flexablity making it easier to get in and out of - or is it pretty much the same as the epi?

    I have to figure out which one to get :smile:
  15. ^^ I own the Mono and I havent played around with the Epi, but generally, the Mono stuff is a little more flexible than Epi.