Epi Zippy Coin Purse or Suhali Le Mignon ... help pls.

  1. Hi, this is my first post here ... :smile:

    I want a new coin purse (for coins and cards) but I can't decide between the epi zippy coin purse or the suhali le mignon (both in black). I had a black epi wallet (I can't remember the name, sorry) when I was 21 (now 27) and it still look okay, I changed to a black suhali zipped compact wallet last august ... so I've had both epi and suhali, but still can't decide which one would be more durable (less scratches) because I tend to just dump my coin purse inside my bag ...

    The le mignon is only AUD 155 more than the epi zippy coin purse (AUD 610 vs AUD 455) - if it were AUD 250 more I would've bought the epi :p ...
    Help me to decide please, the epi is more practical, but the le mignon is soooo cute :yes:

    Thanks so much for your help :smile:
  2. I like the Le Mignon better ... so much cuter and you can attach a strap and carry it as a wristlet!
  3. Does LV sell the strap for the le mignon? I would imagine it to be a very tiny strap??
    Thanks ...
  4. You can call the 866# and ask or go to your neareat boutique and inquire.
  5. Le Mignon :tup:
  6. i would get the le mignon. i am a huge fan of suhali right now so this is an easy choice for me. suhali is honestly LV's top quality leather
  7. Suhali Le Mignon
  8. That's a tough choice.. the Le Mignon is adorable.. but the Epi might be more durable?
  9. I went and got the black epi ... I asked to see the le mignon and it's too large to be a coin purse and too small for a wristlet ... and there's no metal anywhere for a strap to be attached ... it can fit a mobile phone though ...
    The SA told me she prefer the epi but for cuteness the le mignon is the winner ... :p She also told me that I could exchange an LV bag at any store anywhere in the world ... that's something new I learned today ...

    Thanks all for the reply ...
  10. Pictures ? :graucho:

    Love your user name BTW !
  11. hi ayla,
    i haven't had a chance to upload the pic from my camera ...
    re: my username, a few years ago i was looking for a username for a blog account and everything i typed in seemed to be used already, since i love hippos so much, i just made something up lol ... but nowadays i see lots of other hippolicious everywhere ... :biggrin:
  12. Suhali hands down!! It's TDF.
  13. :heart: the le mignon!
  14. Can't wait to see your pics. SOunds fab.
  15. I looooooooooooooove the Le Mignon! It's so cute, you have to get it!