Epi ZCP - different prices???

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  1. I just noticed on the German LV Homepage, that the ZCP in Epi has different prices, depending on colour!!! I'm interested in Corail or Fuchsia - Corail costs 355,- Euro and Fuchsia 305,- Euro! This is a huge price difference and only Light Pink and Corail are more expensive than all other colours.

    Has anyone noticed this, too? Do you think, this is an error or do you know, what is the reason? I really have no idea... 50,- Euros difference - for what??
  2. just saw it too! I don't get it either!!😳😁
  3. The prices are different on the French site too, so it's probably not a mistake. It's a huge difference in price for this price range. That sucks!
  4. I noticed this on the British site, too! At first glance, it looks like the Epi Electric retails for £295, while the regular Epi colours are going for £250. That would be about right, but on closer inspection, some of the regular colours are £295 too! Strange.
  5. The Corail I'm told is an LE colour, perhaps that's why the prices are different?
  6. I checked the Homepage again and today it says the same price of 305,- Euro for every Epi colour of the ZCP! Seems, as if it was an error.... I hope so! Haven't seen the Corail in nature, I'm curious, how it really looks! Do you think this coulour will get dirty easily? I don't have any Epi pieces yet.

  7. I tried the Corail today, the LV photo doesn't do it justice it's such a lovely colour, more of a pink than an orange if that makes any sense! I don't think it will dirty easily. It's a fantastic colour I'm really thinking about getting the epi neverfull!
  8. I 'm going to look at the Corail tomorrow. :biggrin:
  9. Yes. I was at the boutique
    Looking at Epi items and asked why the different prices on different color epi. The SA said that the new colors that are 'flat' with no shine, have the higher prices. I dont think I like the idea that the colors have no gloss, never mind paying for. You can't tell very well without comparing side by side but corail has a dry gloss free look to it.