epi wallets

  1. what's your favorite epi color wallet?
  2. Mandarin:nuts:
  3. red
  4. 2 of my favourite colours are myrtille and red. :yes:
  5. yellow and black! Both in my collection of course!!! LOL. Second runner ups are myrtille and moka. Those are quite beautiful too!
  6. yellow and mandarin!
  7. myrtille
  8. MANDARIN! or yellow (although its discontinued :sad: .... )
  9. Mandarin!
  10. yeah, wish they still made the yellow!
  11. yellow. i love the purple lining on it.
  12. I currently don't own an epi wallet, but I would choose red.
  13. yellow, i have been using one for years and i still love it!
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