epi wallet question

  1. :confused1: I am looking to purchase the epi wallet, it's the one that contains four credit card slots and a snapped coin pocket. I'm trying to figure out if the interior is the same as the mono (with the coin pocket). Can someone post some pics so that I can see how the interior of an epi looks like? TIA !
  2. Hi, I have the Epi Compact Wallet and attached a few pics. I love it, I've had it for about five years and it's still going strong! Hopefully they'll help. Let me know if you need more. :yes:
    Epi 1.jpg Epi 2.jpg Epi 3.jpg
  3. The interior of epi is dif than mono. Mono is a canvas and epi is a lether usually.
  4. Fashionista7: FABULOUS PICS !! Thank you so much !! another question: I am looking for a durable wallet that will last a life-time. You mentioned that it's still going strong, so I assume that you haven't had any problems so far? Do you think that epi is more durable than mono? I love the color on yours.
  5. Another question: Can u fit credit cards in the extra slots on the side?
  6. I just got a black epi french wallet. I LOVE IT! My friend has had her black epi wallet for 8 years now and it still looks beautiful That's why I opted for one too.
  7. yum, epi speedy....

    oh wait, just wallets? i go agenda every time unless there is a serious size restraint!
  8. I don't have an epi wallet, but I *totally* wore out a mono wallet years ago. They don't last a lifetime, unfortunately.
  9. John 5: Thanks for the suggestions !! I'm looking for a wallet that has a minimum of 4 card slots and a coin pocket.

    Photoobsessive: You know, I might even consider an agenda. How much can you fit in yours? How many card slots does it hold? What do u do with the coins then?