Epi Vs Mono Mini Lin

  1. I would love some opinions before I take the plunge... :love:

    Which one would you prefer?

    The Red Epileather Speedy 30 OR
    The Black Epileather Speedy 30 OR
    The New Mono Mini Lin Speedy 30

    I like them all but I just can't decide! Thankz! :heart:
  2. Red Epi Leather Speedy
  3. I LOVE my new mini lin speedy so I would say it but the epi speedys are absolutely fabulous!
  4. Red Epi Leather - but I'm very partial to red bags!
  5. mini lin cuz its new!! :smile:
  6. red epi speedy!! its way more structured and it won't sag! plus u can use it as both a summer AND a winter bag...for the mini lin it seems like it's only a winter bag!
  7. My vote is for anything Epi because it's much more durable and has more shape compared to the mini lin. Because mini lin is fabric, it will sag much more and also it may be easier to get dirty compared to epi.
  8. Oh, I'm so in love with the Epi line, especially the speedy! I say RED speedy 30 (I want the red 25 myself!)-what an eye catching color! Good luck with your decision!!!
  9. Red Epi Speedy!! The red color is beautiful (I'm waiting for my red Jasmin to arrive) and the epi leather is sturdier and somewhat 'winter prrof' (I also love the fact that it'll retain the shape when you have things in it). I love the mono mini ln as well.. but I love the red epi even more!
  10. red epi speedy! its great for bad weather, epi is easy to take care of, and the red epi is just so HOT its amazing
  11. Red epi speedy! The red color is gorgeous! :love:
  12. red epi!
  13. Definitely the Red Epi Speedy :love: :love: :love:
  14. Epi in any colour !!! Easy maintenance and last forever;)
  15. Mini Lin!!! It looks fantastic as a Speedy!