Epi vs. Canvas

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  1. Hello, I'm planning to get myself a new Agenda PM for everyday use inside my handbags. Right now I've a Vernis one and it is full of marks from other things in my handbag. So I would like some advice on what is more durable - Canvas or Epi leather? I have seen some pretty beat up Epi Agendas on ebay but they had lighter colours so I figured that made them more prone to stains and wear. I like the look of both so I really want to go with what shows less wear.
    Any input is highly appreciated :smile:
  2. I chuck my mono wallet & Cles around in my bag with other items and they still look fantastic. I don't havevany epi SLGs so I'm not sure how well they hold up. The canvas agendas are gorgeous. I have a Pomme agenda so I have to keep it locked up in my pochette Accessoires in my work bag so that it doesn't get scratched - it's a bit annoying to have to baby it so much but 2 years later I still drool over that yummy colour :heart:
  3. Both are durable. However canvas shows less amount of wear and tear between the two choices.
  4. Both are very durable. Épi leather will age over time and may get creases in corners etc. but it is a very resistant leather that will stay gorgeous for a long time. I have the agenda MM in Épi Mocha, but I use it at my desk so it doesn't get carried around in a bag. It still looks brand new and it's 12 years old.

    I picked Épi for this piece because at work on my desk I didn't want a monogram piece that others could easily recognize.

    Canvas is extremely durable. You may have to get it reglazed a few years down the road. It's practically indestructible.

    You can't go wrong! They are both wonderful options!
  5. Thank you all for your input. That did give me a better idea on what to get.