Epi versus Monogram

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  1. Most of you ladies seem to prefer the monogram.

    Am I the only one who prefers the epi? I'm on the hunt for an epi bag! :smile:
  2. I'd definitely go for an Epi rather than Monogram. Mono is pretty in certain pieces such as the sonatine, but most of them are too played-out, imo.

    I personally would like to have an epi piece over a mono anyday.
  3. I love them both. I got mono bags but my next Louis will def be an epi speedy 30 in red because I already have the wallet. I'll take pics today fot you Intl.
  4. yup..booooooth :smile:
  5. I like both as well. Both the mono and epi give off a totally different 'look' and each has their own unique style despite the overlapping styles.
  6. I will always adore the Monogram Canvas however, I do LOVE the Epi Leather. Very Elegant, never gaudy! THe only Epi I own is a red Pochette Accessoires--Great for night!! I love the Red and Mandarin Epi bags!!
  7. I like both for different reasons. In Epi I think certain bags look better than in the mono. On the other hand mono is such a classic print, one can't help adding at least a few to their collection.
  8. Epi over Mono definitely. Only have one mono and that's the last one.
  9. Like others were saying..mono is definately a classic..and it just fits certain purses so well. But, IMO I see the mono copied so much more than the Epi, that it makes me want the EPI more. I love the Damier too...whenever I see it, it always reminds me of fine swiss chocolate...I know how wierd that sounds..I don't even think I can explain why..
  10. Agreed :biggrin: I like each one for different reasons. I don't have an Epi bag yet, but I hope to sometime in the next couple of months!
  11. Agreed! Me too!
  12. epi- more classy and it's leather.
  13. Aww, thanks Tanja! You're so sweet.
  14. I also love them both but the monogram has been an LV classic for more than 100 years so it's definetely the classic. On the other hand epi is a far more expensive material (leather) and is much better in rainy weather. IMO....gotta have em both!:love: V
  15. I love them both for different reasons..