epi,vernis,emp. - which wear & hold up best?

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  1. Taking break from mono and damier - way too comnmon in my area!
    I'm wondering out of epi, vernis and emp for daily wear - which will hold up the nicest and be easy to maintain especially in rain and snow?
    I have a vernis bellevue PM - fingerprints make me a little crazy :sad: so it doesn't get worn much.
    Love my emp Artsy but quite heavy and I never owned or tried on an epi item.
    Thanks for all opinions!
  2. Epi is the most hassle free. It doesn't really age and you can just wipe it off. No fingerprints. I use mine in the rain or snow - any season. It's also less conspicuous than mono or damier which are both so common.
  3. Emp is great! Artsy is huge that's probably why its heavy lol
  4. My epi pieces are basically indestructible!!! I have carried mine in the rain, snow, sun without any damage. I have had mine for many years!!!
  5. I agree. Even my epi in Ivoire color doesn't have color transfer issues. Epi is cool.,, love the grooves...

    Above all, it's understated elegance. And only true bag aficionados will know you are carrying a LV.
  6. Hmmm I love my empriente lumi and my vernis alma so I'm biased LOL but epi is beautiful
  7. I just got my Emp Artsy saturday and carried it for the first time yesterday....I am indeed in love with it but can't give any history just yet!
  8. All are great in different ways. Close your eyes and the first one that flash into your mind is the one that you desire most. ;)
  9. I've had my epi key holder for almost a year and it looks almost new. It has touched oil, water, sweats, mud, and anything you can think of - nothing could destroy it.
  10. I don't have Epi but both the Emp and Vernis are very durable. I do have to admit that I tend to be a little more rough with the Emp and I completely baby my Vernis. I don't think you can go wrong with Emp for snow and rain. Good luck deciding.
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    I'd place my money on empreinte. My empreinte wallet's still relatively new - perhaps a year or so - but holds up well on daily use, especially with my toddler messing around with it. I think it has to do with that it is more malleable, compared to the epi or vernis. Having said that, there are some issues with the glazing and cracking which makes me hesitant on buying another.

    I do love epi and my oldest epi bag is about 5 years and still looks very good and doesn't require much care. However epi can get scruffed (you have to literally scrape it for that to happen!). The pro is that its lighter than empreinte and I rarely hear problems with epi.
  12. I have Epi and Vernis, and I baby my Vernis, but Epi is a soldier. I have very old pieces that look good as new, and I wear them in all weather.