Epi Vanilla Speedy 25 or Azur Speedy 30?

  1. I need help to decide which to get. I am torn between Vanilla Speedy 25 (2nd hand, pic attached) or a brand new Azur Speedy 30. I already have a Epi Segur in black, should I get another Epi or go with Azur instead? Need your precious opinions please. Thanks.:shrugs:
  2. omg i LOVE the vanilla epi speedy! omg omg omg! it's GORGEOUS! pick that or send it to me! :yes: :yes:
  3. I like azur better, but isn't vanilla discontinued? If you like the creamy color you better get it before it's gone. Azur speedy is really pretty. :yes:
  4. I like the vanilla speedy.
  5. I'm not a big fan of Azur :shrugs: but it looks so cute though.
    Personally, I love the Epi line. It's durable and classy :tender:
    I have lot of Epi stuffs in different colors and definitely they all are adorable :love:
    Oh yah, the Vanilla is TDF!!!
    If I were you, I would go for the Epi Vanilla Speedy 25 at this time :yes:
  6. Vanilla Epi! It's gorgeous :heart:
  7. I loooove azur but I have to go with the vanilla epi on this one! It's such a lovely colour! Get this one first cause they don't come up on eBay as frequently as other colors!
  8. VANILLA!!!:nuts: :yahoo:
  9. azur!!
  10. Vanilla! Discontinued so it'll be harder to find! The Azur you can get any time!
  11. Does anyone know how much does a brand new epi speedy 25 cost?
  12. Vanilla because they don't have that particular color around anymore! :biggrin: But I still love Azur!!!!
  13. :biggrin: Vanilla, you can always get the Azur later.
  14. i believe the retail on an epi speedy is 840.
  15. Ditto!:nuts: