Epi Toledo 30...Been just as bad as Karman!

  1. :devil: :busted :ban: I am on a ban however some of you may remember that I won a Toledo Epi Speedy 30 a month ago and the seller renigged. Then relisted it for more $. I was sooooooo upset....well was talking w/ DH about this and one popped up on ebay...well she is coming home to me...:yahoo:

    I may decide between my Toledo Noe and New to me Toledo Speedy 30 in the future...but I have to have both to decide don't I? :nuts:

    I have to try them and then make an educated decision;)

  2. Congrats!!!:yahoo: It's one of my fav Epi colour. hehe keep both if you can.:P
  3. Oh my..congrats!!!!great decision..love it!!!
  4. GORGEOUS STUNNING.... like wow. I want a blue soufflot, love the epi blue. so fab.
  5. I saw that on ebay! That seller had some really good deals...CONGRATS! Love it. Bans are hard to keep, eh? Heheh...
  6. Thanks everyone! You are so great for my morale!:yahoo:
  7. Hey girl~ That is who I got my Old Red Alma from....as well....keep on eye on him....although the bags come a little smokey so I have to air/febreeze them...but can't beat the prices:yes:

  8. LOL.. You will always get some support in here :yes: It's good to be bad..
  9. I love, love, love that color!!!!
  10. Congrats! It's great, we can be twins...I am waiting for one too!
  11. Congrats! Love the color!
  12. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I had posted this listing on 'Authenticate This' earlier this morning and had been watching it on E-bay until I heard from the seller. I meant to hit BIN, unfortunately I was at work and couldn't have access...:sad: However, I am happy for you.... I love your collection! Happy Thanksgiving!
  14. I am glad for you, keep both if you can:graucho:
  15. Congrats on the stunning buy!