Epi Strech Pochette?

  1. nobody knows?
  2. It came out a while ago...it also came in a Sac Plat...in 2003
  3. Yup, I have one. It's from 02 or 03. I think it was a "limited release".
  4. im looking for a pochette...do u guys think it will look weird when it stretches? im thinking of more formal occassions...as a clutch type...any comments?
  5. do u have any pics of u wearing one?..does it stretch badly when u put stuff in it? i mean it's real flat or sth..

  6. It's a really flat bag... it takes awhile to get use to it. If you don't pack it correctly, it will bulge funny. You can fit a cell phone, money, credit card, lipstick and a flat compact. You CAN'T fit keys or a wallet. But having said all that, I like it.. the leather has a very very light sheen to it and I like the coral-ish color that peaks out.

    BTW - that's a really good price...
  7. fopduck, thanks for ur comments! can't fit keys? hmm...then what do u use it for? i know the deal's a steal...(that's also why im eyeing it lol)...
  8. I use it when I don't want to carry a clutch and want to keep my hands open - like a cocktail reception or a wedding. It's not good for a night out on the town where you want to carry a bunch of stuff. If I am using this bag, I'll take my car key and house key off my keychain and just keep them loose in the bag. If I get the chance tomorrow, I will try to take some pictures for you.
  9. thanks in advance! do u know whether this was made in other colors?

  10. I am trying to remember.. I think this was the only color.
  11. wasn't it made into white too? Or is that the * super* limited edition Pochette...
  12. that color seems a little bit weird...IMO... :yucky:

    don't u guys think both the lexington pochettes and damier navona, etc..really can't hold that much?

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