Epi St. Jacques

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  1. That was the first LV i fell in love with. Do you think it's dated or is it a classic piece?
  2. I'm an epi lover, but the St. Jacques is a hard one to pull off.
  3. +1
  4. I used to have one, but sold it because it cannot hold all stuff that I usually cary on a daily basis, and I thought is looks dated already. Sorry, Just my honest opinion...
  5. I would pass on that one... get an alma! :biggrin:
  6. If you still love it then go for it. I carry my discontinued LVs all the time, without a care for whether they look dated or not. I bought them because I liked them, that's all that matters.
  7. I think it is okay but I think it is hard to hold daily items
  8. Plus 1 here
  9. so excited to see a thread on this bag...i just bought one in perfect condition practically pre-owned (after authentification here of course)!

    i bought it in black epi, not sure what color yours is? i think mine is pretty classic b/c it is black epi...i think almost anything in black epi is not hard to pull off.

    that being said i could see why ppl might think it is a bit dated...at the same itme i think it may have been dated long enough that it is back in, just like neon or wearing black and white, which were both strong trends in the early nineties and saw a re-surgence a year or so ago.

    to me, like the noe it looks good with today's leggings and skinny jeans...something about the big bell like shape works well with the up and down, tapered shape of slim fitting pants. it just really depends on how you wear it. i think also being young helps...in this case i am of no help then as i am in my early thirties, haha...but if you are a very young fashionable girl like my younger sister then it is not difficult to make old things look new.

    at the same time, OP, i am sure if you like your bag you will look great with it no matter your age/style.

    the only thing is for a shoulder tote it is too structured to be comfortable...that is why as much as i love it i am considering selling it. i will probably keep it as i bought it for a low price and owuldn't make more than a couple hundred from it...so functionally i don't think it's perfect b/c structured bags should be handheld in my opinion. and i agree it doesn't hold as much as you would think from looking at it b/c it is so structured.
  10. I am curious why people open threads with this type of question. i.e. Style out dated? OP, are you interested in a pre-loved? or you are not sure if you should carry it?

    I carry what I like, not worry about what other people think re: dated or not. The question itself is kind of huh? to me. Because style recycles itself. It's the woman that makes the bag :smile: sorry, I digress.

    I am excited to see St. Jacques getting a mention. I have the PM. I really like it a lot , it's the only LV bag that fits perfectly under my arm. The shape of the bag hugs my side perfectly. The size is perfect for everyday essentials. I guess I don't like to carry a lot compare to others. What I love the most is its unique shape. I bought mine years ago, the quality is incomparable to what it's being sold today. You can't find the same quality nowadays.
  11. I have one in fawn that I got when it first came out I still carry it and get compliments. It's actually my favorite bag.
  12. A beautiful bag is a beautiful bag, regardless of when it was made. We buy LV because it is timeless, so feel good about carrying any and all LV's. It only matters that you like (love) the bag, not whether it is "current". That is one of the reasons that I got into LV in the first place. Designers like Coach have a "new and improved" bag every month on their website, and the others, no matter how recent are relegated to the background. LV has dressy bags, and casual bags, never outdated bags! Enjoy your St. Jacques, I think it's a classic!
  13. I think because I sort of remember when this bag was popular, and that I've long moved on to other Epi bag styles, that I don't care for this bag too much.
  14. This :smile:
  15. Its cute, that bag reminds me of the Picotin from Hermes.