EPI St. Jacques - does the inside pocket zip?

  1. Or is it just the regular one, like an Alma? Or is there once of each, a xipped on one side and a tucked on the other? Also, does it have a ring on the inside to attach a wallet or keys to? THANKS!
  2. hi, there is no zipper inside the inside pocket and there is no key ring holder...(i double checked mine)
  3. Mine have it (the inside pocket with the zip). I think it depends on the time it was made.

    I had mine in 1998 (the old red) and there's only a inside pocket with the zip (where the Louis Vuitton, Made in France stamped) and the D ring. At that time, there's no cell phone pocket or anything.

    So, if you're consider to buy one (may be from eBay or reseller) and found there's a zip pocket & D ring; just assume that it might be the old production not the current one.
  4. Yeah I think the zipped pocket was on the older models and the patch pocket is on newer ones. :yes: