Epi+spilled latte=hopeless?

  1. help.. today I decided to carry my Black Epi, and went to run into my nearby coffee shop for much needed quad lattee. Unfortunately, some guy bumped into me and his latte spilled on my poo epi. Now she has a coffee stain on her.

    Anyone, know what i can use to attempt to clean this stain without ruining my Epi?
  2. Oh dear, is it on the exterior only? You can use baby wipes to wipe it down:yes:
  3. Yes its on the exterior only towards teh bottom, but it was my favorite Epi.

    hrm. babywipes..
  4. You can also use some water and a little bit of soap to wipe it down. I wouldn't worry cause it's a black epi :smile:. I once had sweet and sour sauce on my epi wallet (myrtille) and I just used baby wipes and it came right off!