Epi speedy?

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  1. I found a preloved epi speedy 35 but there is some wear on the corners. The bag seems stiff which seems normal for epi. Does it ever loosen up and get a slouchy look?

    Should I be concerned on the wear on the corners? My monogram speedy B has wear so I'm not opposed. I just don't know if $700 is too much for one that is not perfect.

  2. It's hard to guess about preloved value without knowing the year made, color, specific wear, etc.. but in general I would say a used epi speedy with corner wear likely shouldn't be quite costing a buyer $700. (Unless a rare color or recent collection) 35 is a relatively unpopular size too so it wouldn't bring top dollar if you resold it down the line. If it's a light color I would pass on a bag with corner wear, but a darker colored bag could be more easily touched up. Epi does soften or crease with use but doesn't get slouchy at all, in my experience. :smile: (If it's really vintage it could even crack or be so dry it seems to only get more rigid.) Good luck deciding!