Epi Speedy

  1. what sizes did they make?

    and how much are they?
  2. you can check eluxury.com for prices an sizes
  3. 25 and 30 are the only sizes currently available. They used to make 35 and 40 as well.
  4. the 25 is bigger than a monogram speedy 25, same for the 30, it's a bit larger in epi, and they hold their shape really well.
  5. The 25 really does hold alot! I'm in :love: love:love: with mine right now. Here's a pic...
  6. omg maxter that's STUNNING! i'm getting my myrtille speedy tomorrow or the next day hopefully!
  7. absolutely lovely!
  8. Yep, the Epi Speedy is quite bigger than Mono (and Damier) in the same size.
    I have Mono and Damier Speedy 30 as well as one Epi Speedy 25 :smile:
    (Actually, I bought Epi Speedy 30 and then returned to the 25 for the couple of day later.)
    The 25 in Epi line is really adorable.:tender:
    I love the variety of colors in Epi line!:love:
    Of course, the Epi is so durable. :yes:
  9. wow. 40 seems like it would be too big...