EPI Speedy

  1. Couple of questions.

    I'm thinking of getting the ivory. Do you think it would be hard too take care of? I love the look of this bag and love speedies (I have 2 but in mono) but I'm worried it would get dirty real fast. How do you clean the EPI collection? Does anyone have any EPI bags in ivory or white? My other question is how heavy compared to the mono is this bag?

  2. I don't own one, but the epi material itself wipes clean very easily. If it's dirt it can probably be cleaned off easily, however if you get scuff marks on it, I think it will be most noticeable on a light background. Also, the cloth part of the zipper might get dirty from your hands. I'm sure that part is white too.
  3. i own an epi ivorie bag but not speedy. it's actually really simple to clean - some baby wipes should do it if you end up getting it dirty. it's not 100% white as the lines on the bag are kind of greyish/lilacish color to give it depth so it's forgiving on that part.

    i actually sprayed mine with wilson's leather protectant before using it to keep the dirt and grime at bay and to keep it easier to clean.

    of course there's nothing to prevent the scuff marks aside from you being careful with it.

    you won't regret getting it, it's a lovely piece. and i definitely think the epi will hold its shape a lot more than the mono piece however it may be a tad bit heavier but not super heavy either. you may not even notice it much.
  4. I :heart: the silver hardware
  5. i don't own anything in ivory. but I plan on buying an ivory speedy at the end of the month.
  6. i actually tried on the epi speedy, in black and i thought it was really cute. kinda heavy IMO, but im used to REALLY light bags.
  7. Epi is easily cleaned. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just try not to scuff it. Dirt comes off easily though!
  8. I wouldn't, for I just asked in a thread if epi is suseptible to denim transfer, and it is. Unless you don;'t wear jeans with it, you should be fine.
  9. the epi material is resiliant. mine is black, so it doesn't show anything at all. but, it wiped clean everything i DID get on it my first night of wearing it! a little baby wipe and it is brand new.

    keeping in mind that leather is porous, as long as you aren't spilling cranberry juice, i am sure you will be fine!
  10. I've had a black 25 but sold it cause it just wasn't me. (The mono brown is about as reserved as I can get- I'm a MC fun unlike most on here- I adore FUN looking handbags).I LOVE the ivoire tho and am considering another epi purchase. That color and mandarin in the speedy- and the new red passy are just TDF in my opinion. I say go for it. It should be easy to clean and since the lines of gray are blended it might take scuffing better than some colors would.
  11. I think it would be fine, just watch for wrinkles
  12. Ohhh that sucks! I have had transfer from stuff onto white MC canvas and it is NOT cool. Hate that epi does that. My only experience has been with black. Oh well, no ivoire for me I guess since I live in jeans.:cursing:
  13. It's not hard to keep clean at all! ; )
  14. I have an epi ivoire alma. It is very easy to keep clean. You just wipe it with a damp cloth.

    As for the color transfer from jeans....that's only if you wear jeans that have not been washed a few times. When you have brand new jeans and wear them without washing them then the color will come off on everything, socks, white sneakers, etc. As long as your jeans have already been washed a few times, they won't bleed.
  15. I also have the epi Alma in ivoire and it's so easy to maintain...Now listen to this: I was driving DH to the airport yesterday and our car (sports sedan) was packed to the max (baby seat and baby, DH's luggage, full trunk, baby stroller, diaper bag etc.), so in the end we had no choice other than placing the stroller in the passenger seat, right above my Alma. The frame of the stroller was just touching the leather and I kept freaking about dirt transfer...

    When I arrived home later that evening I found a couple of dirt marks, most probably from the stroller. I used a damp cloth and carefully wiped them off....ta da!! Absolutely everything came off and now it's like new again!