Epi Speedy with which matching wallet??

  1. I'm new to this forum....I'd like to first start off by saying hello to all! And happy 1 year anniversary to TPF!!! I discovered this forum a couple months back and I have been hooked ever since...I love it!! I love reading all the posts and opinions of all things LV!! I find myself going on line at work too when nobody's looking-hopefully I don't get caught and fired for it!!!

    Anyway, the reason I'm writing is I'm really thinking about buying a red Epi Speedy 25 around the holidays and I'd love to get a matching wallet but I'm torn between the red Epi Koala or a white multi color-becauseI'm also thinking of saving up for a MC white Speedy and so I'm thinking to have one wallet to match both those bags. Which is a better combo, the white mc wallet to match the MC speedy and red Epi, or a red Epi Koala to match the red Epi speedy and MC white speedy?? Also, is the hardware on the new red speedy silver like it is on the epi koala wallet? I'm so confused and I need your opinions!! Thanks a million!! :smile:

  2. Red epi would go with both bags though :smile:
  3. Eww this is tough. I love them both but I would go with the red epi because it is more durable and weather-proof, it matches with both and it's cheaper!?!
  4. Red Epi Koala it looks fabulous
  5. I was thinking more the Koala too - in regards to the MC white speedy, do you think it matters that the red epi koala has silver hardware and the MC speedy has gold hardware...do you think that will clash or does it not matter? Should I go for another style epi wallet that matches better with both bags? Does LV have a red epi waller that comes with gold hardware or are they all silver now? I think the red epi speedy has silver hardware (at least in the pictures on line they do) but the description says gold hardware, so it's more confusing because of the hardware color too. I really appreciate all your opinions...thanks!! :smile:
  6. If the canvas is simple like the Epi, I would go with something colorful to add accent. I think different combinations makes it fun and playful. Epi IMO goes well with White Multi.
  7. I would go for the Epi wallet.
  8. i would go with the epi koala wallet too.