Epi Speedy vs. Mono Speedy

  1. Sorry if there is already a thread similar to this.. I couldn't find one.. :hrmm: :blink: :wondering


    I really like the shape and style of the speedys (I would probably buy a 25) and I like the mono, mainly because of the slight sag (but not too much). But, I prefer the plain epi leather.

    Do the epi speedys sag at all? Not even a bit? I wouldn't mind if they did just a bit because I like it like that:smile: And, if any of you know, do they start to sag after some use? And if so, how long?

    Does anyone have both or either of these bags? Please help me out :flowers: Thanks!
  2. I just got my epi 25 in red and I am not getting any sag at all. Its really a fab bag!! The mono 25 is a little smaller then the Epi 25.
  3. Can you model the red epi for us?
  4. oh yeah, I would love to see a pic.
  5. The Epi will soften & sag a little over time, that is what my Sa told me. The 30's will have more sag.
  6. I look a mess now..later I will ok? Or I will have my daughter model?
    Look for it tonight! :smile:

    Here is a picture of it next to my other speedies for size comparison:
  7. :back2topic: Thanks :flowers:
  8. I agree that Epi will eventually sag. I prefer Epi to Mono when it comes to Speedy because it makes the sagging let say "less noticeable". Old Epi (not the soft new ones) are even more sturdy and the sag is almost non existent.

  9. So the new Epi leather speedys sag more? Do they sag when you get them or does it take a while? -How long?
  10. Well it could well be perception. The New epi is softer but not soft, if you kwim. If I were to choose I will choose a Speedy in Epy and would try to find an older one if good shape. If not I would but the new EPI. I have no idea how long it will take as it will depend on wear and how much and often it is used and that depends on each person. Having said that I won't expect that to happen next year. Hope this helps a little. I know decisions are difficult at times. If there is anything let me know.
  11. I would like the Epi with a little sag, not such a hard shape to the bag if you know what I mean. I suppose if I wear the bag, say a few times a week it will sag more? That's really what I want, a little sag.
  12. The monogram is made from one piece of leather, so it is more prone to sagging(no support). The epi speedy has this one piece of material on the bottom that will 'support' the purse more(less sagging). I hope that makes sense.
  13. It is a slight sag, not like the mono. I think it depends how heavy & how well dispersed the contents of your bag are. An Epi will never be as saggy as a Mono. Some older Epi Speedys don't really look saggy to me, thay have more of an indentation in the sides & they still look nice.
  14. Sure, so it sags a bit? When you first get it or after a while?
  15. After a while, a longish whike. Try looking at some auctions of older bags, that may give you a better idea.
    The pocket on the side helps keep the shape too.