Epi Speedy v. Passy

  1. So, I had my heart set on the Epi Speedy in mandarin. But, I really want to buy a damier speedy later on this year. I know there is probably no such thing as too many Speedys :P But, I've really been eyeing the Epi Passy PM lately. It's such a gorgeous, classy bag. I love it in red, but I really want my first Epi bag to be mandarin. Does the Passy come in mandarin? I keep reading threads about mandarin being discontinued and phased out of boutiques, so I'm not sure if because the Passy is new, that it won't be made in that color.

    If the Passy won't be available in mandarin, should I stick with the Speedy instead? Or should I go for the Passy in red? :cool:

    Opinions? :amuse:
  2. I think for now the Passy is just available in red and black but they probably will make it in mandarine later of the year. When I asked my SA about that the mandarine will be discontinued he assured me that it won't. He said that the colour is such a success that it'll be a permanent colour and that they'll produce even more styles in this colour that's why I'm guessing they'll do the passy in it as well pretty soon. I love the passy as well and if you get a damier speedy I would go for the passy rather another speedy. I think redd is the perfect colour for it. Go for it so I can live through you :smile:
  3. Thanks, Tanja! :smile: I hear so many conflicting things about mandarin and whether or not it will be discontinued. I hope that it isn't, I'm sure there are so many people who like that color. I think the Passy in mandarin would be gorgeous :heart: I should talk to the SA here and see what she says about the Passy being made in mandarin sometime soon. If so, I might hold out for it, though I'm not sure how long that will last :P I just might have to buy it or the Epi Speedy, since I'm dying to get an Epi bag!
  4. Passy!! I bought the Passy PM in black about 1 month ago and finally took it out for a spin this weekend and I just love it!! It's looks great dressed down with jeans and dressed up with work clothes! I also love the compartments, it keeps all of my stuff so well organized. I think it's my favorite Epi bag so far. :love:
  5. I second or third the Passy. It is on the short list of the bags I want to aquire in the next 6 months or so.
  6. Thanks for the input, guys. I saw the red Passy in the window at LV the other day :heart: I have to know if they're making it in mandarin, I sure hope so :smile:

    fopduck - Congrats on your bag, I'm glad you love it! :heart:
  7. Epi Passy!
  8. I say get something .... anything in madarine! It is a fabulous color! I have a madarine Jasmin and I have to say it is reallly gorgeous. Cristina, you've been pining for a mandarine Speedy for the longest time. The Passy is a new style. It'll be around for awhile. I say get the mandarine Speedy while you still can.
  9. I know I have :lol: I've been stalking eBay in hopes of one popping up at a good price so I can just say the hell with it and buy the damn thing :shame: If I don't find one on eBay, LV is off limits until I can afford it :angel:
  10. I think if you are going to get the Speedy in damier later this year, go with Passy!!!
  11. Seems like you got goond answers here already. I agree with what everyone said.
  12. Excellent logic! Agreed!
  13. I say get the Passy...........so I can be super jealous :P . The Passy is on my "must get" list. Be one of the first to get that hot bag! and.......so I can drool over it :lol:

    Check with a couple boutiques to see if the mandarin is going to be discontinued.

    ..........Did I mention to get the Passy???? :flowers:
  14. hey cristina
    i reckon you should get the Passy! Mandarin! (fingers are crossed for the colour to come out in the Passy) if you're getting another speedy later on this year - go with the passy in the meantime... but if you happen to find a gold brick on the way... buy the speedy and the passy! heheheh!:lol: totally GO THE EPI! So, classy!!!!
  15. Ever think of SO the passy in mandarin?