Epi Speedy - Too stiff?


Old School Member
Dec 2, 2005
I am thinking of getting a new Louis Vuitton hand bag, and the Epi speedy caught my eye. The only problem? It looks hard as a rock! Does anyone own this? Does the leather soften up? I love it in the blue color...

Also, do you think this will be more classic than a Balenciaga classique? So many decisions...:wacko:


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
I definately think they look more professional than a b-bag, and you may be able to keep it around for longer since it'd be more appropriate for conservative offices. I don't have any epi pieces, but I'm sure at least one of the forum members can help you out on that ! ;)
Jan 10, 2006
LV_addict said:
I would go with Epi Speedy. I think they are GREAT looking bags and hold their shape much better than mono speedies do. I could never get into Balenciagas. Don't know why.

I always want to take a pair of scissors to the Balenciagas and give the leather "string" a snip...:shame:


Lv Bag Hag!
Dec 29, 2005
The epi leather is a lot softer now than it was years ago. I acutally checked out the epi speedy last week and its fantastic (it's acutally next on my list) Its soo soft but stiff enough to keep it's shape.


Sep 22, 2005
Epi speedy is defintely more ckassic, IMO it's more timeless Yet it still goes with casual wear especial in blue. But of course I'm bias, I have a black 30 and a pochette. Blue doesn't come in 30 though if you want a 30. It doesn't get any softer but I like it that it holds it's shape. Fellow members convert me to like Balenciaga, want one once I find a colour I like and have actually seen it in person. Epi is not soft like canvas for sure. Two totally differnt style bags. I went to check out the soufflot in blue, wanted it so bad before but it's too stiff and doesn't look too good on my shoulder.