Epi speedy smelling like cigarette: what to do?

  1. hello everyone,
    i just bought smelling this Epi speedy on eBay. seller never said it was smelly but anyhow, how or what can i do to get rid of this cigarette smell? please help..thanks.
    i think the epi speedy inside is suede...thx
  2. Stuff the bag with a towel that was just washed in some nice smelling detergent, and also put some strong smelling fabric dryer sheets in there (about 4). For the outside, after you stuff it, wipe the bag down with a baby wipe with some Fabrise room spray (a little bit!!) sprayed on the wipe. Keep the bag stuffed with the towel for a few days..change dryer sheets every day or so if you want to.
  3. BTW I love the Epi speedys. What color did you get???
  4. i got the yellow epi 25.....it's really nice but the smell...i emailed the seller but she said she doesn't smoke and it comes from smoke free home..what should i do? it's like her words against mine :sad:
  5. Do what I said and in a week if the smell still remains, email her and ask for a refund and do not leave feedback until this is resolved!! If she wont give a refund, I would tell eBay and paypal that you bought an item that was misrepresented and the seller wont refund.
  6. good idea..i will wait for a week. i don't want to refund the bag it's just that what's bothering me is that she doesn't seem to trust me and i would like to get some money back too, 1) misadvertisement and 2) she charged almost double for shipping and handling...(just realized that from postage). what should i do?
  7. febreeze? :confused1:
  8. I saw in another thread to seal the bag in a bag with cat litter apparently that works but sorry i just cannot remember the details I know that you do protect the bag from the dust. maybe someone else here knows about that & can explain better.
  9. I would ask a dry cleaner?
  10. Febreeze or dryer sheets work great! Congrats on the new bag!