Epi Speedy sizing problem.

  1. The epi speedy 30 on the LV website says the size is 11.8" x 8.3" x 6.7. But when I got home, the speedy I have is definitely about 13" in length. Does my speedy have a problem? I got my Speedy at the LV store.
  2. If you got it from LV you're absolutely fine. Is it brand new or old? Maybe it's stretched:shrugs: There are a few ladies here with an Epi 30 so hang on there and see if they can measure theirs;)
  3. Mine is brand new. But I founded some threads saying that the epi speedy's are a bit bigger than the canvas ones. But LV website should've posted the correct dimension for people ordering on-line.

    It gave me quite a scare since someone posted that they encountered fake LV's in the store.
  4. Epi 30 is indeed bigger than mono 30. As for that someone encounter a fake....I personally do not believe it.:shrugs:

  5. I don't believe that either... :confused1:
  6. The Epi Speedies are bigger. I wouldn't be worrying about it if you bought it from LV.
  7. Epi speedy is longer than mono/damier speedy (my epi 30 is almost 35" and here is a pic of epi 30 next to damier 30):
    epi size.jpg speedyopening.JPG
  8. Is the Epi Speedy 25 bigger than the Damier 25 too?
  9. ^^^ Yes, it is.
  10. Thanks Irene! I keep checking them out online :love: