Epi Speedy Size

  1. I know you can buy an Epi Speedy 25 AND an Epi Speedy 30.
    Is this bag made in a 35?

    Thanks for any info!
  2. I don't think so..
    They used to have in size 35 & 40 before. I remembered one of my friend own Epi green Speedy in 40. :yes:
  3. I think speedy 30 is close enough to 35, sometime eBay seller list it as 35 instead of 30..
    Ghost has the pic in the visual to show the size differences between 25 and 30 ..30 seems so huge..
  4. Here it is: Toledo 30 Vs. Yellow 25:yes:
    Folder 1 265.jpg
  5. Here is my epi 35, yes now discountinued. It is in front of an aurelia GM for size reference and in the next photo next to miroir 30 (which actual measures 34 cm) and a mc speedy (30)


  6. My mandarin epi speedy 30 measures almost 35":
    epi size.jpg
  7. Thanks for all the visuals! You guys rock!
  8. the epi 25 is more the standard mono 30 size. The epi 30 is the size of the mono 35.

    so you'll have more room in either bag :smile: