Epi Speedy Red 25 Or 30???

  1. Which should I get, I love the larger bags but is the color too much that I should consider downsizing to a 25?
  2. Epi 25 :yes:
  3. I like the 25 in red epi, it really "pops," it's great!
  4. 30 for SURE! The 25 is just too small IMO! You have kids, you need the space! :yes:

    But really they are both gorgeous!
  5. I have to 25..love it..

    I perfer bright bag in smaller size..
  6. i'd get the 30...
  7. The red is just so hot!!! :love:
  8. i find the red extremely flashy :Push:, so the Speedy 25 might be better
  9. I have a mono 30 but when I bought my red epi Speedy I decided on the 25.
  10. I'm a flashy girl yeux (not glitter flashy, bold flashy) so that doesn't bother me, I saw the mandarin speedy, it looked really BIG like a 35!
  11. I've been wanting this bag!! I just love the red! I'd get the 25... :yes:
  12. 25 :love:
  13. I;d go with the 30. I like bigger bags.
  14. 25, since the epi speedy is larger than the canvas versions
  15. I love red bags, so I'm not too concerned about the brightness, but I just find the way the speedy is shaped, that the 25 works better.