epi speedy question

Feb 21, 2006
i have decided to return my mono mizi. i've had it for 2 weeks sitting in the box and i take it out once in a while to see if i have fallen in love-- unfortunately, No. :sad:

think i am going to exchange it for either a mono speedy or epi speedy. are they still making the epi's in black? anyone know the price... worst comes to worst i wait for the damier.
i just got a black epi speedy 30 and luv it!i I got it before the price increase in feb and paid 870, its now 890 i think-but worth every penny. I am 50 years old and it really has a classy feel that will last me forever(til my 20 year old daughter steals it!)
i ordered my bag and it was sent from Saks Fifth Avenue in NC. It looks like I can still return it. It's sitting in its dustbag so it totally brand new.

i hope i like the epi speedy!!! i wont get a chance to watch the bag patina- thats one drawback. i am going tomorrow to check it out. wish me luck!!! :smile:
I have an epi 25 in red. I really like the epi line. It really dresses the Speedy up a bit but it still can be quite casual because of its shape. Mine was purchased by my husband on the day of the increase.:sad:
As I've said over and over (I can't help it) I got mine in February!! :nuts: I do love it. It's like a new baby that I'm still learning to adjust to (I've never had a handheld bag before).

I wouldn't recommend a purseket for it, though. The leather's a bit too stiff to accomodate it well enough.