epi speedy question

  1. Does the handle of the epi speedy get kind of wrinkly underneath. I've only used mine twice and it looks a little wrinked. Was it totally smooth when it was new, I can't remember. Anyone?
  2. Can you post pics?? :s My mum's Epi Speedy is more than 10 years old and the handles are still smooth. Where did you buy it?
  3. I can't find my camera right now. I got it from elux. The top part of the handles is totally smooth leather and the underside where your fingers hold it has some wrinkles. I've only carried it twice, it looks totally new.

  4. I know what you mean by wrinkly..I think the same thing happen with damier speedy..It happened to my epi speedy, may be it's normal. Let's hear what other ladies have to say..
  5. Ok, I took a pic, I hope it's visible.

    nov 19 2006 013 e.jpg
  6. ^ yup just like mine..
  7. Was it totally smooth when it was new? I doubt it was like this from the beginning but I'm not 100% sure.

  8. It's smooth but I noticed it right away after the first day I carried it. I thought it's normal because I believe it happened to my damier speedy's handles too.
  9. Wait, I just looked at my damier speedy and I haven't used this at all (this was an exchange from a prior "bleeding" one) and it looks a bit wrinkly underneath.
  10. I just bought my Epi Black Speedy 30 for a couple day!
    And I saw mine.....the handle looks like yours :yes:
    Sorry, I'm now at my office (not at home) and have no camera to show mine :sad:
    (I still use this new baby everyday after getting her :shame:smile:
    Anyway, I'd like to confirm that your speedy has nothing wrong ;)
  11. my damier speedy is jsut the same -)
  12. My damier alma does that, but none of my speedies do.
  13. Mine looks just like that and I just bought it brand new from the boutique the other day. :smile:
  14. That looks totally normal to me
  15. :yes: