Epi speedy question

  1. Does anyone know how much the epi speedy 25 was before the price hike? Right now the price is $885.00

    Thanks is advance.
  2. Hi,

    I am not sure but I think the price hike was around 5-6 %

    I give you a bump, may be others can help you
  3. For some reason $860.00 comes to mind but I could be wrong.
  4. Thanks for the help, Im still trying to decide if I want to get the epi mandarin speedy. ;)
  5. I got mine at $840 over a month ago.
  6. I believe this is what I paid a few months ago at Elux.
  7. Me too. :yes:
  8. Me three. $840
  9. Thanks everyone!! Im going to get it. :P
  10. :rant: It cost S$1430 in Singapore. :censor: