Epi Speedy Owners--Tell me about the sag factor

  1. I own two MC speedies and love them. For me the sag factor is not so much of an issue. Perhaps its the four brass corners that help.

    I used to have a mono 35 and I hated the sag.

    How is the sag on the epi speedies in the 25 and 30?

  2. i haven't heard the epi speedy will sag...

    anyone knows?
  3. No sag from speedy epi because it's more structured and has leather strip on the bottom of the bag..sag free..
  4. if its really push to its limit, it will sag ... like a bit bumb on the base, but it wont sag like monogram ... speedy epi biggest problem is flat at around zipper while the below part whole the shape strongly, thats from my own experience
  5. i agree because the epi speedy is structured it wont sag but i think a purseket will make sure of it
  6. I dont own one but a friend of mine does and it dosent sag what so ever. It is very structured. The bag is just beautiful!
  7. I have a 25 and the sag is minimal.Like the others said it's structured so it keeps its shape better than the Mono.
  8. No sag at all when I use my Epi. It always holds it shape no matter if it's full or empty. ;)
  9. That's great!!!!! :yahoo:
  10. The 25 keeps it's shape, the 30 doesn't sag so much as pooch in between the handles a bit. They are great bags & perfect for any weather :love: them.
  11. So sag for me, either....and I have an older 35 ;)
  12. I have a 25 and no sag. I also use a medium size purseket for organization and I don't know if that helps keep the sag away.
  13. I have a Speedy 25 in Epi and to be honest the sag is very minimal to null. I always put my purseket inside but it is mostly for organization purposes. I never liked the sag of the monogram speedys although a lot of people are fond of it.
  14. I actually love the sag of my mono speedy... :smile:

    What is purseket ?
  15. My epi 25 doesn't sag at all.