Epi Speedy Or Passy

  1. hi everone... I just want to know if you are going to buy epi red is it going to be passy or speedy...:confused1: thanx.
  2. passy! love it!
  3. Passy for me too!! i have the exact 1 in RED!!
  4. Love the passy in red!!
  5. Passy! It's classy and would make a great work bag.
  6. passy!
  7. Passy
  8. Passy would be a 'purrfect' work bag :smile:
    Speedy looks better in mini lin!
  9. Passy, all the way! It's a bit less common, and it would make a fantastic work bag - you can fit papers in it that would probably get wrinkled or smooshed in the speedy.
  10. The passy is a very classy looking handbag but even the PM is a sizeable bag. If I were buying red epi I'd go for a smaller bag like the Segur or Jasmin, but if they made the Passy in that sort of very petite size, I'd pick it over the speedy for sure.
  11. Gosh I have a red epi speedy 25 but I'd go for the Passy! Although I also think the Passy in ivorie is just as devine as the red~