Epi speedy or Epi jasmin????

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  1. I Can't choose between epi speedy25 (I have a monogram speedy 30) and jasmin can you help me please???
  2. Hello Boku! I prefer the epi speedy over the jasmin. I like the shape more.
  3. Hi Boku. Maybe this will help you. *evil grin*


    Epi jasmin all the way. I suppose it really depends on your lifestyle; if you go to a lot of formal events like I do, it's better to get something more structured and understated. I still love the Speedy though, and one day I'll get one. :smile:
  4. I prefer the Speedy. I have a 25 in epi red and I love it!
  5. IMO the Speedy is more practical as it can be dressed up for work or down with jeans and flats for the weekend. The Jasmine is harder to dress down due to it's rigid shape.
  6. the jasmine is very classic and elegant. the speedy is more casual. i vote for jasmine.
  7. If you already have a Speedy, go with Jasmine.
  8. I love the epi jasmin and since you already have a speedy, why not get a jasmin? Get it before it goes over $1000 next year. ;) That's my plan too. :smile:
  9. I'm totally drooling here. Great photography!! :nuts:
  10. They're both really nice and I don't think you could go wrong with either of them, but I'm a little biased towards the speedy as I have 2 myself and would love to add an epi one to my collection.
  11. When I first read the post I was going to say speedy..but after seeing clanalois jasmin..wow..that is really gorgeous!!:love:
  12. I'd go for the Jasmin since you already have a Speedy :biggrin:
  13. i say the epi jasmin. i think it just looks better in epi than the speedy does.
  14. I agree w/the majority, I like the Jasmin. It's beautiful! I thought I heard that there are creasing issues for the epi speedy. You won't have to worry about that w/the jasmin.
  15. My mom has the Black epi jasmine its BEAUTIFUL! but it isnt a everyday bag..It gets scratched easily!.I think the Jasmine looks better in epi then the speedy..it has more shape.