Epi Speedy or Damier Papillon?

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  1. I'm still considering the Damier Papillon 26 or 30 but I keep going back to the LV bag that first caught my eye -- the epi speedy 25 in myrtille. Wish I could get both right now but that's not possible.

    Btw, I have a black Gucci boston bag so that's why I'm not looking at the black epi speedy. (Just in case you might ask).

    I don't have local access to visit a LV or Saks in person so I will have to order it through 866-Vuitton.:evil:

    About me: I work in an office so I thought either of these bags would work out well in that environment. I would also take this bag out for weekend errands.

    Which bag do you think would be best for me as a first LV bag between these two? Looking forward to your replies. Thanks!:unsure:
  2. That's a tough choice. I have the Damiler Papillon 26, but my next bag will probably be the Epi Speedy 30 in mandarin :biggrin: I think the Speedy will fit more. Hmm... I can't help you decide! :lol:
  3. I have both the Damier Papillon and an Epi Speedy, and my recommendation would probably be for the Speedy. It's not as common as the Papillon, and a little more "serious" or work appropriate. And you can carry more stuff in it.
  4. Thanks Cristina. Yes, it is a tough decision. I think your Mandarin speedy will be fabulous. Please post when/if you purchase.
  5. Thanks Raspberry. I'm wondering if the Blueberry color might be more difficult to find later and I could always get the damier in the future. Hmmmm...
  6. Now that Raspberry brought up the fact that the blue might not be as common as the Damier, I agree :biggrin: My vote goes for the Speedy. It's a beautiful bag, very polished and sophisticated :biggrin:

    WCLC, I hope to get mine with my tax return this year, sometime around April or May. I'll be sure to post pictures :nuts:
  7. I'd go for the epi speedy, too. Myrtille and mandarin are my favorite colors.
  8. Im just not a fan of the Damier collection. I do love the epi speedy, its a lovely bag.
  9. True...eventually the blue will be discontinued but the Damier never will be.

    I just wanted to add one more thing. The Papillon 26 is significantly lighter than an all-leather Speedy is. I had the Papillon for a year and a half before getting the Speedy, and at first I wasn't used to the increase in hand-held weight. So I just want you to keep in mind how comfortable you are with a more substantial feel in your hand, before deciding.
  10. Raspberry...Thank you. That is something I need to consider especially as they are handheld bags. In you opinion, how much heavier does your epi feel vs. your papillon?
  11. Hmmmm Raspberry does have good points about the weight. I think both look great for work, and that the Speedy is handheld doesn't seem to be a problem for you. I would personally go for the Papillon, it is ho hum in the MC but really striking in Damier. Let us know!
  12. When the Papillon is empty, it feels truly weightless, like I'm not carrying anything at all. However, carrying the Speedy empty does feel like I'm carrying a bag with "stuff" in it. However, I am still glad to have the Speedy because the shape allows me to carry larger items.
  13. I'd definitely get the epi Speedy. I saw a pic of the blue one posted in another thread and it was absolutely gorgeous!!!
  14. That was yours Kittynui ..... it is gorgeous!!!