Epi Speedy- Old red vs new red

  1. Does anyone have a side by side comparison of the new red vs old. I've seen pics of both but its so hard to tell

  2. ?? Anyone??:shrugs:
  3. I only have the new red......and it's brighter and much more vibrant than the old red.
  4. My Old Red alma~and new red speedy[​IMG]
    Folder 1 273.jpg
  5. My New red speedy:
    Keep in mind that the color isn't as bright as in the picture.It's very beautiful red..


    Traci's :

  6. Oh yeah.!!! thanks so much. The one that is traci's is the old one right.

    I like that one! Its a deeper red :yes:
  7. Does anyone have a pic modeling a old red epi speedy 30 pretty please:rolleyes: ?