epi speedy in purple

  1. any chance LV can make an epi speedy in purple?
    maybe they can introduce purple as a new color line :nuts: :P
  2. Hi!:smile:

    As far as I know,purple colour in épi line is not planned for the moment,sorry.
  3. I would love to have a Speedy in purple, such a great color :love:
  4. ooooo me too
  5. and a deep pink
  6. Did they make it in the lillac color? Even though this kinda grey.
  7. they have plum suhali, which is gorgeous beyond belief.

    (check out LVbabydoll's, Rebecca's, agenda. it is gorgeous)
  8. I'd love a turquoise color!
  9. they have lilac in epi. but i would really love it in eggplant like balenciaga and chanel
  10. I'm surprised no purple this spring/summer...Marc Jacobs has been using purple in his own line.....maybe we'll see purple in something this spring/summer!
    mmmmmm some type of purple monogram....that would be awesome!
  11. I think purple would be great. Personally, the current epi colors are boring. I would love to see some new, vivid colors.
  12. i think the lilac was too light n on the grey side. yep i saw the chanel 2.55 in purple and it was gorgoeus. i hope LV will come up with this color in the near future for the speedy. i'll be the first on the waitlist
  13. Purple is a great color!
  14. like an aubergine purple? that would be niiceee.....
  15. :roflmfao:I have a funny story...

    The last time I was at my local LV boutique, the SA, who was very sweet, misunderstood me when I asked her if they still had any Perfo Pochettes. She kept saying "No purple, only red," and kept pushing the red epi pochette on me.