epi speedy in emerald green.. does this exist?


May 4, 2006
hi ladies, toni22 over from the land of Balenciaga.. :yes:

last night at a party, one of my clients who happens to know that i spend way too much time on the Purse Forum asked if i could locate for her in her words, a "louis epi speedy in emerald green". She claims they exist, and she is a junior stylist, so i am guessing its out there somewhere.

I will not pretend to know anything about LV. total novice here.. but i did some searching over here in LV land, and can not seem to find this green speedy.

can someone tell me if this exists??? i was able to find a perforated with green trim, but i dont think that was what she meant..

thank you so much!
cheers, toni:heart:
ARGH!!! I just wrote this detailed response to you and when I opened a new window, it disappeared! :cursing:

Anyway, the gist of what I said was that Louis Vuitton doesn't really announce the discontinuation of colors the way it does by labeling some lines as "Limited Edition". I don't think they come out with colors for the sake of pulling them, but that they replace them if their sales fall or they find another more intriguing hue to add to the collections.

Here are a couple of green Epi accessory pieces you might want to interest your client in to accompany her Speedy (once you find it):

eBay: Auth Used Louis Vuitton EPI Green 3 Credit Cards Holder (item 130056272100 end time Dec-13-06 03:35:52 PST) - with the lining replaced, this would be a great accessory piece

eBay: AUTHENTIC Louis VUITTON green Porte Tresor Int Wallet (item 180059332224 end time Dec-11-06 17:00:00 PST)
^^^thank you so much jazzy! i forwarded her the links!!! thats so nice of you!! i will keep looking for the green speedy! I am personally on a purse ban, but finding bags for clients is turning out to be really fun!!

so you really think from 1995? thats pretty cool. does LV repeat colors every now and then?

The date code on that closed one I posted was a 1995 date code. They don't really repeat a color exactly...but instead will do a different hue of the same color (for example, there is the 'old' red and the 'new' red...and many different shades of blue).