Epi Speedy Help

  1. Dear all

    I just bought a epi manderin speedy (thanks to the forum and the news they may discontinue the color- i had to grab one up)

    Anyway its been about 3weeks since i got it.. and i noticed these lined down the side. where the zipper is.. its like creases almost going down lengthways.. why did this happen? did i stretch it to much? how can i fix it. please help am soo sad
  2. Its happened on my too....but i think they said it was normal because of the leather they use now. Its a thinner epi and is softer than the ones before, thats why theres noticable wrinkling.
  3. Mine happened when I was taking out the cardboard and other inserts. It creases easily but apparently it's inevitable. How far down does it go? My creases (one on each side) are about an inch or so, maybe a little longer. Look at it this way- the bag's officially broken in! It's just more noticeable on a mandarin colored one, though. :sad:
  4. Mine was used when I got it, and it is creased, also.
  5. Wow!
  6. mines about 1inch too- some are longer;.. its so upsetting though..i feel its soo noticable. almost cried when it happened.. i told my bf i was coming to the forum to ask what i should do and he just burst out laughing. he thinks we are all crazy bag ladies (thats meant to be a compliment somehow)