Epi speedy hardware..?

  1. I believe I read somewhere that the hardware on the epis in the gold/brass or whatever has been discontinued. Is this correct??? If so, how long ago was it discontinued, and would it be still possible to find a gold hardware epi in LV stores?? Anyone recently see any w/ the gold hardware??

  2. Yes . you still can find gold/brass hardwares for your epi. Just call CS they can locate one for you.
  3. I think you can still find it. Good luck
  4. Hmm, (I wonder)...since the hardware is now silver, that means the lil lock that hangs on the outside of the speed will also be silver, right??
  5. Yup.:yes:

    I bought the last red speedy with golden HW in our local LV at the end of May.
  6. Ok, I called the 866 vuitton # and they 1st told me there was no gold hardware red epi 25 speedies in the U.S. Then she was like, "Wait...there looks like there is 2 stores that may have 1. Then she's like..."Oh no, only 1 store." She said she wasn't sure...She asked if she could call me back in a few mins.

    About 40 mins. later she called back...

    She's like I've located you one. :wtf: :yahoo: Anyway, it's coming overnight...it'll be here tomorrow!!:wlae:

    I like the gold hardware better. Also I wanted to buy the pastilles keychain/charm thingy for my red bag. (I didn't ask her anything about it though..) So, being the hardware is gold, and the pastilles is in gold...I think it'll look better than if I had got the red epi speedy w/ silver hardware and the gold pastilles hanging from it. Also might buy the new Transparent/whitish Inclusion speedy charm to hang on it as well...(also w/ the gold chain). So I'm all happy! Everything will look nice and all in gold. :wlae: LOL!!! Except I haven't gotten any of the lil accessories I just mentioned...but it's definitely on my Xmas list. Being my new epi speedy is my super-EARLY Xmas gift! LOL! (But that's normal for us...we always get our Xmas gifts early...just not the kids!) heehee! I'm gonna try to hold off on the other access. til mid Oct. Ya right, as if that's going to happen..UGH!:shame:
  7. Congrats!!!:yahoo: Can't wait to see your piccies when you get it! I'm bummed to hear that they are all sold out of Red Epi Speedies in the 25 size with Gold HW, though!:sad: I prefer the gold/brass HW. Does anyone know if the new silver hardware on the Epi Speedies is palladium plated?
  8. congrats!! yayyy another red speedy owner !!!
  9. Thx!!!!!!!!!! Yep, I'll be posting pics either tomorrow or sometime over the wkend. LOL, 1st gotta figure out how to do so. See,...I recently got a Mac and haven't transferred pics from my camera into it yet. Also, got to figure out how to watermark my pics too.

    So...after I figure everything out...I'll be posting some hot pics!!!!!!:graucho:
  10. Congrats!! I love the red epi with gold hardware, it's beautiful!
  11. Thanks so much Bagsnbags!! You're pics really helped out alot!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! This is very exciting!!:nuts:

    Thanks Again for all your help and advice!:flowers:

  12. No problem..yayyyyy:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. Does this mean that ALL epi Speedy will now have silver hardware, no matter the epi colour?? Or is this ONLY for the red Speedy?