Epi speedy & french purse OR Damier?

  1. I wanted to invest in a wallet but I don't want monogram, it's too common. I'm trying to decide whether to get:

    1) Blueberry Epi Speedy 25 + French Purse


    2) Damier Speedy + French Purse

    It seems like Damier would be more practical and it would match everything. However, I absolutely love the leather on the epi blue and when I saw the french purse in blue, it was TDF.

    I'll hold off till the Azur line comes out but frankly, I want something I can use this winter.

    What do you guys think? Do a lot of people have the Damier speedy?
  2. I actually haven't seen anyone with the damier speedy yet...strange though since it seems like EVERYONE on this forum has been buying them. Why not the damier speedy and the epi french wallet?
  3. damier + epi!
  4. epi..it's more durable & I love leather :smile:
  5. I vote for epi!
  6. Another vote for epi+epi, soooo beautiful & durable! You can always get something in damier later, since there are so many styles.

    Since the damier azur seems to be uncoated, it would probably not be a very durable material - if you want an everyday bag.
  7. damier speedy and french purse sounds like the perfect combo
  8. Epi def!
  9. Damier
  10. I would get the damier speedy and the epi french purse. I love epi accessories and the blue will go with other bags when you buy them. One of my LV boutiques always shows mono and damier bags with various color epi accessories. It is a very nice look -- a pop of color against the bag.
  11. I would go Epi all of the way! I love epi speedies, and they are slightly larger than the coated canvas speedies.
  12. damier speedy and french purse...... I still haven't seen anyone with my damier speedy yet. It's actually fun searching.
  13. a lot of us checked with SAs over the past couple of days and it looks like the Azur line will be quoted just like the regular Damier line.
  14. Epi and epi... you can't go wrong and it matches with EVERYTHING!!
  15. Damier.