Epi speedy for a gal who has never had a hand held bag?

  1. Hi fellow PF's, I need some advise from all you guys and gals. I have never had a hand held bag before as I feel that I am a shoulder bag person but I really liked the look of the black epi 25 speedy on Let-trade. I saw someone with the same bag in a store a couple of days ago and I really liked it.

    My question is..can a shoulder bag person get used to carrying a hand held bag? Sorry, it is a silly question but any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, is US$560 a good price for a used epi speedy 25?
  2. Well I can only speak for myself as a former only shoulder-bags kinda gal. You can definitely rock the speedy, just not for shopping days.
  3. Thanks Nola..I will think it over in the next day or so..

  4. I agree with the above- I always used a shoulder bag until I got my blue speedy- this time of year with rain/snow I use it every day and love:heart: it.
    Sorry I don't know what would be a good price for a used one you could check eBay's completed listings to see what they were selling for.
  5. I've been a shoulder bag only gal until I got my black epi speedy. At first, it took some getting used to and I noticed that I'm a lot more careful with my bags when they're not shoulder bags because they don't get banged up putting into and out of the car and walking around, i notice the hand held bags more so than the shoulder bags.
  6. I too am a shoulder bag gal but I just got a red epi speedy and I absolutely love it. I think it is nice to have different style bags.

    I'm not sure I would spend over $500 for a used speedy when a new one is just $300 or so more. But, if you love it, get it!
    Good luck.
  7. I can't address the pricing issue, but I CAN tell you that I was a dedicated shoulder bag-ger utnil 18 mos. ago. It did take a little getting used to. Suddenly, you are conscience of "carrying" a purse. Now, however, when I default (VERY infrequently, I might add!) to my shoulder bag, I feel rather empty-handed...not sure what to do with my hands. So yes! By all means, you can, and do, adjust fairly quickly. A MASSIVE benefit as well: no more shoulder slouch and shoulder fatigue from walking and walking and adjusting and adjusting :blink: . I suspect you would both enjoy and benefit from switching back and forth occasionally. Good luck if you decide to pursue the Epi! :yes:

  8. :yes: very true!
    I was also a shoulder bag only kinda girl until getting my mono speedy 30. It was an adjustment at first but now I am so used to it that all I want are handhelds (alma and neo speedy - :love: ). If it's a bag you love then go for it!
  9. My 1st hand held bag was the black MC Alma... and it was love at first sight. Now I have more hand held than shoulder bags :yes: I even feel weird not having a bag in my hand, lol. :upsidedown:
  10. Wow, thanks for all of your replies. Sounds like a slight adjustment and away you go. I will ring LV today and find out the price of a new one in Australia and go from there.
  11. I love the look of a hand held bag on the crook of a woman's arm. It's just so feminine IMO. A black epi speedy would be so classy, but I really don't know if I would spend over $500 for a used one. You might as well spend a little more and go for a brand new one.
  12. I just phoned the Sydney store and a new epi black 25 speedy with silver hardware is AU$1210 which converts today to US$937. If I buy the one on let-trade with gold hardware (which I prefer)it is US$560 or AU$722 so there is a saving of AU$488 or US$378.
    Ah,what to do..Will have a think about it..
  13. I just bought a Josephine Mini Monogram about a month ago which I guess is similar to the Speedy 25. I always carried a shoulder bag before that. For day to day its just another thing to hold, the structure is nice for work, because its roomy and easy to find things instead of a shoulder bag with a narrow opening but I feel like when Im carrying it for a long time (the mall for instance), it gets totally annoying.
    The value on let-trade is def a good deal $560 for an almost 1k bag but you also have to remember that the resale value is low for that item so you will never get back what you paid for it if you chose to resell it on eBay (I should know Im trying to sell the Josephine on eBay now with no luck).
    So if you dont love it, think hard!!
  14. Yes, I think Let-trades speedy is a steal. I love the black/gold combo myself. It's not huge and you will grow into it. I used to be shoulder, now I'm handheld also. It just works out like that. Good luck. Let us know what you do....