Epi Speedy -- eBay frustrations

  1. Hey all -- just need to vent for a sec. I've been looking for a green Epi Speedy 25 on eBay. There were a bunch posted so I asked on the authenticity thread and people told me which were real. I noticed one had less wear than the others so I patiently waited for the auction to end. I snuck in at 2 mins left and bid and won! :yahoo: That was late last night and the seller isn't in my time zone so I just went to bed, figuring I'd get an invoice in the middle of the night and just pay it in the morning. So this morning I click the "Pay Now" button and the listing has been removed!!! And what's worse? eBay has sent me an email regarding its removal and the email is in GERMAN!?! I'm so annoyed. :cursing: The seller had definitely sold authentic items in the past. I wonder what the problem was. Stealing photos? I can't imagine what else. Anyhoo, I guess I'm back on the market for a green Epi Speedy so back to the authenticity thread I go.

    If anyone has had this problem before, let me know if it was resolved with eBay. TIA...
  2. damn im really sorry to hear that! It might be that the sellers account has been violated. I know they take down all of their listings if they do something worng (so frustrating) so it could have been another item they were selling thats caused the trouble??

    Keep searching though! you will find that perfect sppedy :yes:

  3. If you need any help translating, let me know. I'm glad to help you out! What seller was it? :confused1:
  4. Thanks, you guys :smile:. The seller was Shiraney from Japan. I emailed eBay as soon as I saw the German email asking what was going on and they said that it was probably German eBay that removed the listing so that's why the email was in German. They said the seller had somehow violated eBay rules but would not give me more information about what they had done. I actually emailed the seller, too, just to see if they'd let me know what happened. Maybe if it wasn't a real problem (listings for authentic items get pulled all the time), they can relist. I'm definitely watching that other one posted above, too, but unfortunately it looks a little more worn than the one I won last night. Oh well. Back to the drawing board...
  5. I'm sorry for that bad news... but thanks God you didn't pay then eBay removed the auction.

    Hope you'll find another great Green Speedy :flowers:
  6. Update:

    I got an email back from the seller, saying:

    What should I do? I don't really want to pay for the item. The seller could scam me and not send the right item. Also I won't get feedback. But on the other hand, the seller seems reputable and the item is authentic. Any advice?

  7. DO NOT SEND HER MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You will NOT be protected by eBay or PayPal.

    2. She could very well be scamming. And eBay stopped her before it escalated

    It is just not worth it. Dont send money!!

    By her wanting to do this outside of eBay terms.........she is being DISHONEST. That right there is a red flag to me!

  8. You're right, and I knew that all along. I just needed to see it in big blue letters, I guess ;). I just emailed the seller and I told her that while I cannot complete the purchase because the listing has been removed, if she is reinstated before I find the bag from another seller, she can set up the listing again with a BIN and I will buy it. At least that way I'll be protected by PayPal. But I think I'll probably find one before then, anyway...