epi speedy damaged - help!

Mar 23, 2008
i bought an epi speedy off an international reputable seller some time back. when i received the item it was damaged, (item was packaged in a brown paper bag with no stuffing inside the speedy) and the seller asked me to file a claim with USPS (it's insured). After going to the post office they told me only the sender can file for insurance.

I don't know if i should wait for the seller to file and hope that i get paid eventually (i am not sure if the claim will be successful since the PO can void it for poor packaging) or just ask her to pay me first since the process is protracted, or just file a claim with paypal. What should i do? I have a timeline issue here - paypal only allows me to file a claim within 45 days and i only have 2 weeks left, but the PO can take up to 60 days to determine if the insurance is valid or not.
Dec 13, 2006
This question might be better suited for the ebay category here, but I'm not sure you got it off ebay. If it is an ebay purchase I would file a SNAD, significantly not as described and you will get a refund and you don't have to worry about your seller filing for anything. I think that is the surest way to get your $ back or a paypal claim which is essentially the same thing. I would not leave the ball in anyone else's court.