Epi Speedy Base Board/Shaper?

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  1. ;)I'm new here and I just got a Speedy in Epi black leather in 30. I know that the "sag" factor is much less than with the other Speedy's but I'm paranoid because I spent mucho $$ on this purse and I like it because of it's structure. I want to be safe rather than sorry and I DO carry some heavy things sometimes so it only makes sense I help support the bottom with something extra.

    My problem is that I haven't see anyone make/carry the black base boards. I assume it's because peple usually don't buy it for the Epi's. I really love Hippie GAL's products but they don't fit into the EPI Speedy because they lack the rings on the inside to hold it. SpeedyShaper has plain good ones but no black!

    Is there anyone else there that makes base boards or shapers? Or should I get the SpeedyShaper's red one? (red/black is cute, anyone make pink??!)
    I want to avoid making my own - I'm pretty meticolous about things and I'm not crafty enough to make something that doesn't look homemade.

    And, I'm really not into the "magazine" thing either. I never read magazines and definietly don't want to carry one around.

    TIA!!!!! :heart: I'm already quickly becoming addicted to this forum. And ti's bad because it just makes me want to buy more BAGS!
  2. amy, Really reconsider this "shaper" thing. If the bags were meant to be stiff LV would have put a shaper in the base. Personally I think the shapers destroy the design integrity of the bag. It is not how it was designed to look and if you pay so much for a bag, why change its intended look?
  3. Thanks for you advice. Though, I think I am feeling this way because it's a new purse.

    In the future I wouldn't mind it sagging but for now I want to keep it's structure. It's a weird thing.
  4. I personally use a slim DVD case, and if the interior is a certain color - I just use a corresponding color for the insert. It folds in and old quite easily and is super cheap.
  5. Welcome to the Purse Forum!

    Please do a search in the FAQs section - there are lots of threads on "sagging"

    Have fun reading!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.