Epi Speedy B

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  1. Do you think they'll make a Speedy B Epi? This would be my HG LV. I know you can buy a preloved and attach an Epi strap, but would love to see this bag in the Speedy B style.

    I went to London last week all set to get a Speedy B in the empreinte and I just wasn't wowed - sorry I know there is a lot of love for this leather, but it just wasn't for me. The Epi leather is just more 'me' I guess.
  2. I think LV discontinued the Epi Speedy a few years ago, so I doubt there will be an Epi Speedy B. I wish they would just bring back the classic Epi Speedy!

  3. Just wishful thinking on my part...sigh!

    The classic Epi is so beautiful too. I just don't get why they discontinued it. Such a shame

  4. If this eases your pain, it would be a tough one. The epi speedy can appear dented because the epi leather is so much stiffer than other leathers. My cassis speedy gets a "dent" as you can see so a strap would really highlight the tendency. They have been using a more pliable leather so maybe it could happen. I would love to see the epi speedy return!

  5. It is unfortunate that the epi speedy got discontinued.. I don't see an epi speedy b coming out either, but it would've been a great idea!

  6. Ohhh the pliable new epi leather (for the epi NF)- if that were to come out in a speedy form, that might actually work huh? I also would love to see the epi speedy return :sad:
    Love your cassis!

  7. Gorgeous Speedy!

    Yes the new Epi leather on the Neverfull was behind my thinking. I think that in a Speedy B would be fabulous
  8. thAt would be sooooo great!!😍
  9. I would definitely buy epi Speedy if they came back. I have been thinking about a pre-owned one, but on Ebay they seem to be quite old or in too bad condition.
  10. omg i have been thinking about the same thing lately..i wish LV can make the speedy b in epi i would def buy one in black and red..
  11. I would definitely buy one too :girlsigh:
  12. I will buy it too.. In love with epi speedy
  13. This post is really funny to me as my SA and I were chatting today about how we wished for an epi speedy return or an epi speedy b! We both missed out on the epi speedy a few years back.. Hopefully they bring it back! I'd def get one!
  14. I need 1 epi speedy too. :smile:
  15. I will definitely get another epi speedy if LV decides to bring it back but in red this time since I already have it in black. An epi speedy b would be great as well.